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Total Performance Pictures

I visited the two Total Performance locations in Florida last month. I took around 400 pictures total of four different cars while I was there. Most of the pictures were close-up detail shots. If anyone is interested in looking at them they are at: Performance/

There are 2 folders, the first is Total Performance and then there is a subfolder called Tangerine T. There are a few in the Tangerine T folder that came from the internet.


WOW! Thanks, Bill. There is a wealth of info in those pics. A lot of my questions about the body install have been answered.

Thanks again!:lol:
What I'd like to know is what setup this is for?


Must be the setup for the King T. It would be nice to have this on a regular T Bucket. Cowl steering would free up a little floor space.
Looks to me like they are trying to keep the center line of the hair pin and the drag link parallel to each other. This is good. This type of setup will create more foot room. I would be interested in seeing how they get the headers to clear the box without a huge gap between the firewall and the engine. Cowl steering is where the steering box is located inside the cowl. It also creates more foot room but takes alot of fabricating to pull it off. The easiest way is to use a sprint car box, but they are expensive and almost too quick for the street.

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