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Total Performance Rumor


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:D Heard a rumor at the Boston World of Wheels last weekend that Total Performance has been sold. The CT store is closed and the FL store is open maybe. Anybody else have more info??
I talked with Brian on the 14th (Wednesday). They were tying up all the loose ends and preparing to shut things down at the close of business yesterday (Friday).

A team was there from Speedway, getting everything ready for the transition.

Brian's understanding is that Mickey will still be providing all the parts currently available and none of the parts in the Total product line are to be dropped.

As you can imagine, I was full of questions and there were some that just couldn't be answered. At least they couldn't be answered yet.

Apparently customer reaction has run the full range of emotions. From shock and disbelief to outright anger. Apparently some customers wanted to establish petitions to stop the deal from be brokered, not realizing what is done is done. It is what it is and that is the end of it.

Brian's first priority is providing for his family, rightfully so. But he also promised as soon as the dust settled he would be in here to let everyone know how he is getting along. For those wanting to communicate with him, all you can do is be patient.

I was lucky enough to actually meet Brian and consider him my friend. That being the case, I am really concerned about what the future holds for him. I know many Total customers here will be experiencing the same emotions as described above, but I don't see anything to be gained by expressing those emotions. So I hope everyone will just keep a good thought for Brian and his family, as well as everyone else at Total affected by this sale.

The advertising agreement Total had with us expired on 31 December, so those ads have been pulled down (yes, the forums are economically influenced by all this, as well). The Total forum section has been moved to the bottom of the T-Bucket Bar & Grill category and is now read-only. Brian's username has also been changed from Brian@TP to just Brian.

You know what I know.
It is really a bad situation for so many people. Pete, Brian, Jim, the office staff, the people working back their body shop, the people working in the chassis shop, the people working in shipping/receiving, the paint shop where they were taking finished cars for paint, UPS, Roadway, the local restaurant where the employees may have gone for lunch, the local filling stations where they may have purchased gasoline for their vehicles, the utility companies...

It remains to be seen if Mickey will continue to advertise the King T venture at the same level as Total. Think of all the years you've seen Total ads in so many different publications. Will those dollars continue to flow? While it is certainly not the difference between life and death for us, we lost the revenue from Total's advertising. Times are difficult and companies are clamping down on their advertising budgets, which means we're going to have to grin and bear it until we find new advertisers to take up the slack.

It just goes to show that when we hear of companies closing down or laying off employees, the ripple effect can be huge. (And this is in no way minimizing the impact all this had on fellows like Pete and Brian.)
Holy :crap:!
All I can say is wow, I didn't see this coming but with the economy I guess it is to be expected in the specialty markets. I hope the others can weather the storm. Good luck to brian and the other employees. Everyone I dealt with was nothing but helpfull.

Well, TP web site is still up today and taking orders, 1-20-9. Looks to still be in business??

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