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Total seat insert


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I was browsing the photo album and came across an old post about the TP cars. Does anyone know if their seat insert is still available or if anyone has some old ones in stock? I am not to sure the wife will like it but if it would free up a couple inches of leg room for me that would be great.

here is the link to the thread

Hey, I know the fellow that took that picture! :tip:

I agree with Glenn. Give Jim a call and see what he can do for you.

Brings back memories, doesn't it? That's Brian (TP REP) in the windshield reflection.
What is the price of the insert and the upholstery kit?
The fiberglass seat insert is $250.00 and the complete upholstery kit is $750.00 Includes seat pads, upholstered deck lid, side panels, and all carpeting & kick panels(as pictured in blue T)
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