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I have a 8" Ford rear end that is 57" wide.
I also have a 56" Ford front end that is 64" wide.
I think it will look funny with a wider front end,so it time to cut it down. .
Is there a "ideal" track front to rear?

A stock '40 Ford axle Is 48" wide. On most open wheeled cars you're going to find a 46" wide axle. This is the axle width, not the track width. That will vary depending on the offset of your rims.

Wide front and smaller rear,well really most run small rims and tires on the front,with big fat wide rims & tires on the back,so check and see if that brings things closer to the look you like;).
Actully wider track in front,with smaller track in back make it handle better.
The closer together the rear tires are,the better they take the load between them.

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