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transmission vibration


New Member
I have a mystery rattle which only happens over small bumps head on. It sounds like the u-joints can't react to the bump fast enough. I've had 3 different mechanics look at it and I still have the mysterious noise. Can anyone point me in a direction of things to look at ??
I would recheck your driveline phasing. The transmission should be aimed down at a certain angle (I shoot for 3 degrees) and the pinion on the rear axle should be aimed up exactly that same amount of degrees.

Has the car been on the road long and always done this or has it been on the road and this problem came about over time ? Don is right on the money about 3 that is what I aim for, and sometimes I even get it. :) Remember not to get tunnel vision on the drive-line, it could something as simple as a loose nut or bolt. Good Luck, let us know what you find.

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