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Tube Frame


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Was wondering has anyone ever built a T frame out of say 1" 1/2 heavy wall tubing with say 3/16" or better steel inbetween the rails along with the same size tube supports, I have built sand rail buggies and use this type of frame all the time but dont think I have ever seen a T with that style frame.
There is a thread somewhere on the forum that shows some tube chassis. I don't remember where it is but if you do a search you should come up with something.
I've done some tube chassis T work





TheAntiBoyd said:

Thats art my man. You have a full pic of it?

Not all those photos are of the same car. Here is a full pic of the bottom car. It's my dad's old car. He sold it a year or two ago. It's the first T we ever built. Didn't turn out to bad :cool:

Thanks for the compliments.
No show, all go. I don't think it ever won a show. It was a driver. My dad drove it all the time. When he had knee surgery, he drove it to therapy. He took it to home depot to get small stuff. It had rock chips on the side of the body from the tires. The upholstery was minimal, but comfortable. It was a totally dependable car too. Didn't over heat, started right up, and idled nicely. It was just fast enough to scare yourself if you weren't carefull :eek:
I really dig the long wheelbase. My car was 2 1/2" 1/4 wall single tube. It made for a real soft ride with the frame flex, but it looked cool with the dragster bounce!
NTBA Member T Pilot (with pups) John Elpen has a bucket that has a round tube frame. Only one like it I've ever seen, single tube -could be three inch diameter - all the way around. I have pics but you can't really see it, painted black and it's just not very noticeable.



And there's Mike Wade's car, kinda similar to LKE's dad's bucket's frame, but then again, very different... but it IS a tube frame

While they can be very artful and cool looking, I just never liked liked them on a street car.

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