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Turbo 350

Tad Palmer

New Member
I have a Turbo 350 out of a 81 Buick it has a lockup Torque converter, my motor is going tohave a carb. What do I have to do to lockup converter? Thanks
I have a similar setup, but i have a th2004r. I used a tci lockup wiring kit. It uses a vacuum swith to lock up the convertor. B&m also makes a kit. Theirs goes by mph and hooks into your speedo cable. Mine has a vacuum switch on the left side of the trans that hooks to ported vacuum. When manifold vacuum is high and the trans is in 4th gear it locks. When i step on it, vacuum drops and the convertor unlocks. You can also hook up the lockup to a switch to control it yourself. Just make sure you hook it up through a brake switch so the torque convertor clutch unlocks when you hit the brakes.

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