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Turtle Deck lid hinges


I have a CCR turtle deck and was wondering if you guys offer a hinge kit? If so, can you please post a picture?
Hi Casey, sorry we do not make a hinge kit for the turtle deck....most of our customers use a piano style hinge, but that must attach to something and the lip on the lid is very small. The best way would be to bond a 3/8" or so board to the back of the lid and attach to that. One other option is using dzus type panel fasteners in each corner.
This is a photo of our sportdeck lid hinges, Just two small stainless hinges, but the sportdeck lid has a much larger flange.

Sportdeck Photo.jpg
Here is another idea.


I used cabinet hinges that I bought from Lowe's. They are the "disappearing" or "hidden" type. I removed the self-closing springs because I didn't want the constant tension on them. I bonded wood all the way around the turtle deck opening for reinforcement of the fiberglass and also so I could mount the decklid and my trunk floor. The hinges are attached to the wood with 1 5/8" drywall screws. They are attached to the lid with polished stainless steel button head bolts. (These pics were taken before I painted the car and installed the trunk floor.)
100_1692.jpg 100_1695.jpg

Did you source those hinges or did you make them? If sourced, where?


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