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ultra fun 23 build take 2 lol

dan nichols

hi its me again dan from Indiana having sold my last t bucket that I documented on here a couple of years ago. I have decided I really enjoyed the car and in some ways regret trading it for a really nice harley and a good chunk of cash lol .i have been gathering parts for about a month and have most on the things needed. i owe a lot of thanks to one of my older friends near me that has a lot of model a ford parts but has now got bone cancer and is selling off his stock of parts and cars he has donated a few cars to the auburn museum so they can be enjoyed after he is gone. he is truly a great person and will hopefully be around for a little longer but back to the build i found a fiberglass body locally that was made in georgia by a place called willeys rod shop i have never heard of the place but the body is really thick and sturdy. i plan to cut doors in it and lengthen it out. i have a ford banjo rear end and a 21 stud flathead v8 with a 3 speed trans and two different front ends a model a ford and a 41 willys coupe straight axle not sure wich one i will use yet depends on how east it will be to make modern brakes fit.i appreciate everyone following along as they did on my last build as i had a blast doing it and have aquired some more skills along the way. i will follow shortly with pics of the parts i have
my garage is a complete mess an i spent all day yesterday cleaning and getting ready its amazing how much junk can pile up


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Yeah, welcome back, Dan. Looks like a Speedway short bed in the garage, which is what I have on mine. Love the setup with the flattie and banjo rear axle. Gotta stay with that '50's vibe!

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BTW, here's a pic of your 'old' one . . .

Lol thanks spanky some days I miss that car a little but there are alot of things I will do different on this one. I have seen my old car on face book a time or two. They took the wire wheels off and the hood also
I have another set of wire wheels that I will be using and a f100 steering box I cut the cowl off tonight to extend it out 3 inches I forgot how much I hate working with fiberglass I will post a few pics from work in the morning. I'm not smart enough to do it from my phone.

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