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Upcoming forum downtime


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JelSoft has finally released the 'Gold' version of vBulletin 3.7.0

We have been running on a Release Candidate version of this software for the last few weeks, but the product has now been deemed ready for an official release. Which means we are now preparing for an upgrade of the software.

The good news - we will be running the latest and most secure release of the software package.

The bad news - it will require a bit of forum downtime. We will try to keep downtime to a bare minimum, but we will likely be down for approximately 30-40 minutes, while we upload all the new files and run the upgrade script.

This will likely take place either this evening (Tuesday) or tomorrow. It seems there is always someone online, so if I cut your session short, I apologize. If you arrive here to find a message saying the forum is closed, check back about 45 minutes later.
OK,I'm ready........
OK lets go................:lol:

Do what ya gotta do. Things will only be better!
The upgrade procedure is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the downtime.
Didn't hurt a bit!
That's it!? Gees.... I had my goggles on and everything!:lol:
I missed it? Thats what I get for working.
tfeverfred said:
That's it!? Gees.... I had my goggles on and everything!:lol:

always wear your safety goggles, even when working with computer files. those 1's and zeros hurt when u get them in the eye ... stupid binary code ...
You mean these? :lol:


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