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update on Demon on 4-71 SBC tuning.


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went into it this weekend. I found the right side accel squirter was clogged. I cleaned it out and I'm getting even squirt now. Went through the 4 corners idle adjustements. I set the carb on high idle, and opened each corner up till it sputtered, then closed it back completely then back off 3/4 turn. Then lowered the idle back down. Took it for a test drive and found it very rich at idle.

Turned the screws down to 1/2 turn and reset the idle. I got the cam lope back at hot idle, and it is much leaner, though still rich. Previous setting, the cam lope would go away after it warmed up.

Drove it today, and turned the idles in just a hair more, and adjusted the idle again. Getting close to 1/4 turn out on the idle adjustments. It is leaning out, and still running good. Cam lope is more radical than I previosly thought. I LIKE it!

Now that I am paying attention to the carb, the vacuum secondaries are coming in too late. I'll need to fix that before very long. it is nice to be able to have someone sit in the car and watch the carb linkages work.

Also have a small vac leak at the forward throttle shaft. not bad... yet.
Sound like your wife is good at looking at linkages and carb workings.But a bucket running good is what it is all about.You could drive my bucket up here tonight in 30 degree weather.
I have used a smear of silicone around a throttle shaft to cure a leak from worn shaft and base. I clean the base with carb cleaner and put a drop of light oil on the shaft.
Works good on a chain saw carb.
They make a kit that you can cure the sloppiness on your throttle shafts on your also elominates the vaccuum draw there too.........if your really can get a punch and just barely tap around the throttle shaft hole ever so slightly peening the hole inward toward the shaft................

Do this only if your really mechanically inclined....and with the carb off the intake.......:cool:
Iy your really looking for a easy, cheap solution You can also get the rubber umbrellas that come in the inexpensive engine build kits that are to be the valve stem seals.........if you disassemble the carb and take the shafts out (sometimes hard to do without the right tools because they're staked in), cut the very top of the unbrellas out and slide them on the shaft agianst the edge of the housing where the vaccuum leak is occurring......making yourself a small seal..........

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