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update the good and the bad


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To catch everyone up this build was for the high school class i was teaching.It is a alternative school and does great work in getting kids to graduate.This is the second year and second T bucket kit from Total Performance we have done.Maney of you have been very helpful and even donated parts. Thanks again.
The Bad.....after 1st semester of this school year. The program ended.There where many reasons mainly low student count and funding and we lost the garage space we were using rent free.It was really a sad time and we tried to come up with more ideas to keep it going and I would like for something to happen in the future.Teaching this class was a job I enjoyed and looked forward to and had plans to grow it into a full time job.
The Good......the T bucket we where building is finished or at least driveable.My uncle and I finished the car and the end goal is to sell it as planned...of course we will enjoy it some before this happens:lol:.
It looks alot like last years car the main difference is the flames.
I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed as i can talk about it better after some time has past.
I would like to hear your comments and of course if anyone wants to buy it let me know!!!
Really nice looking T but the driveway could use a set of tire marks.
good lookin' T :D

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