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updated final pictures


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Great looking T .. Lots of detail ,,,:thumbsup: by the way :D
The interior looks really good. Lots of purple.I just wonder if you shouldn't add something to the door area to break up the one color like Rick did with ratfink.Or maybe some ghostflames.JMO remember these are individual cars screw what everybody else thinks though if you like it.
Funny you should mention ghost flames. I have a friend that happens to be a pin striper (hot rod Jen) She has done some incredible work & is well known in my area. Talks are under way!
So how do you like driving a bucket?
It's incredable! I sold my motorcycle to purchase the kit to start this project. Driving a bucket is much more exciting than anything else I have ever driven. I can't wait until the title comes through so I can go out & play.
[ame=[media=youtube]KR9Qt6FFSu8[/media] - Monster Kart 172 HP[/ame]
here is a wild ride
SHE"S A BEAUT! Great color combo and great job. Welcome to the forum. A great bunch of know-it-alls here, ha!
What a kart! And I used to run twin 8 1/2 hp Macs and thought I was hot sxxt. That would be a scary machine, but a blast to drive.
Wow - Thats to close to road rash for me!
Looks like you have done a very clean job with your New T Bucket, like you said, a very different ride for sure, soooo much fun to drive... Sure would be great if some company would start to make curved top windshield frames again.. but if you run a top, it will not show anyway... Keep on truckin in that mini pickup.. Ride safe hehe :D
Beautiful bucket Spike :thumbsup:
Very, very nice! I dig the color too!
Thanks for the tip - The radiator is tough to keep clean. I will give your suggestion a try.

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