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Upholstered Side panels


O'kay, what I know about upholstery work can be summed by the fact that I know it is used to sit on. Now that said, I have two upholstered side panels for the door section. How do you attach to body ? Glue, screws, duct tape. :D
It all depends. Some people use stainless screws with trim washers to dress them up, and sometimes upholstery shops use those push in plastic pins that have teeth on them so they grip the hole. The advantage of that system is that no fastener shows.

Post some pictures of what you are trying to attach to what, and we may be able to offer some more help.

Don, I have used the screws and trim rings on some other projects - and they worked good. Guess I will do that again and glass in some rivnuts to screw into. The panels are like in any regular car, fit on the door and has the little pocket at the bottom for maps and such. I will get some pics when I can dig them out of storage.
Velcro, now I like that idea. Where is a good spot to get industrial Velcro 4" wide, I don't think I have ever seen any.
Westlake hardware stores carries it if I remember it looks about two inches wide several feet to a roll very heavy duty stuff not cheep either.:D :lol: you have little plastics pieces on the back of the upholstered door panel? If you do all you do is take like paint and put it on each piece on the back of the door panel and line it up on your door and press it on the will mark where you need to drill then take you a drill bit and drill where the paint is on your door and then those plastic snaps will go right into your door where you drilled out...they will stay and not come out....then if you ever need to remove it just pull it out....
hulkamania, I will have to look at those panels again, I didn't notice any of the plastic push-in things but I know what you are talking about. If they are there that would really be simple, if not, I do like the velcro idea.
Well, I just went to storage and looked at the panels again, and yes, they have the little plastic push in tabs. I guess that makes my question a little bit of an excercise in if all else fails read the instructions. :eek:

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