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VW bus steering box??


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Have been looking for past threads on vw van steering box's, but can't seem to find them. Anyway I have come across several early model vw vans at a local pic an pull yard in my area. was wondering which model was the best to use if using it on a T.
The pre 68 ones had the column attached, the 68 to 71 (I think) are slightly bigger, don't have the column but have a strange spline (3/4" x 70ish splines), after 71 they got a bit bigger but they did a nice aluminium one. I think the big problem (in the UK at least) is they are getting rare so people are asking silly money. I picked up a couple of cheap ones but they need overhauling which is likely to be very expensive. I'm going to try and find a cheaper alternative.
I hate to hear that PeteT, I've found a yard full of them here, not sure what models but a mixture of both early and late all pretty complete minus engine on most. I know its pretty pricy to ship over the pond but would be glad to help if I can.

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