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want to see me in drag?????


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here some pic of me at the hamb drags last august enjoy...
Great shots! I like your no frills approach to your build. What was your low E.T. for the day.
had some bad ets... 1st year i had a bad distribitor in it and second year the tranny was hanging in second gear. but still clocked in mid 14s..
That's totally cool. Boy, I wish some of the dragstrips around here would let you run your car without a rollbar. I'd love to take my T down the strip just once to see what it would do.

Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

hamb mmessage board rent the Mo-Kan drag way in Joplin Missouri in august . its all pre-63 hot rods . most are street cars like mine and wont pass a nhra track insp. but long as u aint leakin' and aint runnin' some real hot times theyll let u run almost any thing. and thanks LumenAl for fixin the pics , dont know why they came out that way.
here a link to the drag meet last year . im into vintage hotrods and drag cars . that why i built my t to look like it does. i just like the pre 60s style. i enjoy the drag racing so much that i am now building a '36 ford cutdown (4 door cut down to a 2 door) drag car so as i can have some safty equipmet. running my t down the track with the petal pushed threw the floor is a major rush but it is a white knucke ride!!!!!:cool:
That would be soooooo cool to do again!

Ron (old modifed production driver) Guess that really dates me,huh?
That looks like a blast.
Dude.....I was at Mo-Kan last august, I remember that T:D
thats where I got the frame for my build:cool:
these guys actually built a dragster, overnight, in a motel parking lot, with parts that members from all over the country brought.

it was wild. saw alot of interesting cars. even saw a twin flat head powered rail dragster.
Mo-Kan Dragway is located about 15 north of Joplin MO, I forget the hiway number. but its right on the Missouri Kansas border, outside a little town called Ashbury, if memory serves me, and it usually doesn't:rolleyes:
I'm gonna try to go back this year.


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