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We hate Windows 10


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W10 has killed my mojo. I hate my PC now. There are multiple "drives" listed which don't exist except in some MS coder's fantasy. Periodically I get a msg, complete with a dinging sound, that drive D is not valid. This msg comes back as soon as I clear it. The only way I've found to stop it is to sign out and back in. And drive D is valid; I have an internet radio dongle there. My printer and my router don't show up as part of my system. The app for my router has vanished. Lots of my Word and Excel docs are gone. When I wake up the PC, I get a bunch of notices that I have to clear. W10 is always trying to change my browser to Edge and changing apps for other files. Unbidden tabs pop up in Chrome. I could go on, but I need to take a strong sedative and lie down for a while.

Did you do a fresh install or an upgrade when going from Win 7 to Win 10 ?

Did you do a fresh install or an upgrade when going from Win 7 to Win 10 ?

Sounds like the dreaded upgrade "features"

Best way to have a good experience with Win 10 is to have done a clean install on hardware designed for it.

The same was true for Win 7 as well as previous versions, but 10 seems more finicky about the hardware.
Sounds like the dreaded upgrade "features"
That's what I was wondering. Don't think I have ever done an upgrade, it's always been a fresh install.

When I install a new OS, I usually capture an image of the hard drive several times during the process
that takes 2-3 days before I get it setup like I want with all the software. Then every 9-12 months I capture
another image. If something goes south, I go back to the last good image and be running about in about
90 minutes.
Active@ Disk Image. Windows & Servers Backup Software for Windows
It was an upgrade. My video card went bad and I took the PC to Chipheads, the best shop in MSP. They did a good job, put in a used card that was better than my old one for only $35, but they offered to upgrade to W10 for free. I am a sucker for free, so said sure. When I got home and saw what had happened, I called them and asked if it was possible to go back to W7. They didn't say no, but they wouldn't guarantee that things would be back to the way they were. And they couldn't explain the lost files.
The interface is totally different, with lots of Microsoft crap I don't want and haven't figured how to delete, and apps I used to have are gone or hidden somewhere. I'm limping along, but MS is on my kill list.
Windows 10 is a whole new ballgame. It sucks, but once you get used to it it’s not so bad. Folks have told me you can change your W 10 to make it look like XP if you wish. I’m afraid to change anything for fear I’ll screw up something. So I left mine alone.
Windows 7 will not be supported after January 14 2020. We are looking to upgrade to windows 10 pro at the shop. You can still use windows 7 but no security updates will be made. At home i will probably not upgrade until i literally have too. I have talked to some folks and they love windows 1o and some that hate it
We run a small rental business. We have downsized and really are just maintaining it until the tenants decide to move, then we are liquidating the houses as they do, trying to simplify life and just ride it out. My wife does the book work on a old xp. She is not a geekish person and it is a battle not worth the fight from experience, to try to acclimate her to a new system.... does the phrase kicking and screaming sound paint the picture? I purchased a new pc and laptop, both with 10 and hoped to transition. What a pita! It has a mind of its own, constantly requesting me to purchase new versions of software we already own, etc... my resolve was to take the pc off line since it is no longer supported and allow her to continue. It is very cumbersome to have two systems that do not communicate and I need to address it but I am so tired of having to play this game... pure greed. I am not particularly an Apple fan, but Microsoft is high on my sh*t list.
All the people in the know say to switch to Linux. I don’t even know what it is.
It’s all Greek to me. I hope I didn't offend any of our Greek folks!
I forgot to mention that the operating system and all the software is free. Years ago I put Linux Mint on my wife's computer and just let her sink or swim. After one week she wouldn't use anything else.
I need to bite the bullet and download it on one of my old pc’s and figure it out. I have been aware of it for many years, just never took time. I actually studied this stuff as part of my electronic and engineering training, but I hate sitting and fooling with software for hours... I am a hands on guy, I can fix anything, but sitting and staring at a screen, not so much, lol... I just don’t use a computer all that much anymore and it really annoys me to have to keep relearning old tricks. I like to just access files and do what is required as I have always done without paying subscriptions or having my documents stored anywhere but on my private physical drive... Looking for hidden controls, etc seems like a really big waste of time. I was perfectly content with windows 2000 professional. It did everything I needed for my business needs and was stable, reliable, predictable. Guess I am officially a grumpy old man, lol!
It was an upgrade.
I know you don't want to hear this, but it might be worth starting over and do a fresh install and not an upgrade.

I know you talked about Notifications that bug you, they can be turned off.

You could also go to the Control Panel / Programs and Features ...
Uninstall the MS trialware such as MS Office. You can right click on anything in the
start menu and many times you can uninstall from there also.
If you are thinking about switching to Linux, then you need to do some planning.

- Make sure you can get equivalent software for Linux. For most mainstream software there is not problem, but for some unique / different software it may not be available for Linux. I'm trying to learn Fusion 360, it's not available for any Linux versions.
- Be sure you know all your passwords and usernames.
- Export all your bookmarks.
- Backup all your data
- Make a list of all your software
- Note what Network Adapter you have and download the Linux driver so you can get back on the Internet and get all the other drivers you need. Otherwise you will not have access to any drivers unless you have a 2nd computer.

BTW, you could buy another HDD, preferably a SSD drive and install Linux on the new drive, That way you could just switch out the drive if you need to go back. A SSD drive will also speed up your computer considerably.
That's all good advice from @Indycars but the drivers may come pre-loaded with whichever distribution you choose. I never need to find drivers for my mouse, printers, scanner, DVD burner or NIC.
If you think Windows 10 is bad,you should have used Windows ME or Vista. ME was unstable and would reboot itself in the middle of things. Vista was a turkey, followed by Windows 9 which wasn't around long either. Windows 10 is at least tolerable.

PotvinGuys problems are likely the result of a cheesy upgrade/install. I'm writing this on old Microsoft Surface that originally came with Windows 7. I did a free upgrade myself over the internet and have never had trouble.
Spanky......... When my Win7 did the automatic upgrade to Win10, Win7 was still there somewhere. I went back to Win7. I think all I did was a restore to a previous date. You might check that out with someone that knows more details. Right now I have 2 units on Xp (the ones I use most) 1 unit on 7 and 2 on Win10. I only use Win10 to read forums, news, weather and Ebay. Unfortunatly a couple of my online payments will not let me use XP anymore. I have just done the thing to make Win10 looks like XP on my laptop. It helped me find things easier.
I still run windows 7 pro on one computer and windows xp pro on the second one and have dics and a backup on removable hard drive for both. But no more support for both in a little while. Mike helped me install linux in a partition on my large computer with about 6 gb of memory and 1 separate video card for each. Mike and my nephew helped me to learn a lot about pc s.

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