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We Need T-Shirts


New Member
We need T-shirts with T-buckets on them.. for the T-bucketeers.. might be a good way to raise a small amount of funds for the forum..

i would buy one if they looked good.. Something Rat Fink looking would be cool..

just a thought..
i had a t-shirt with that on it when i was about 12 years old.. so when i saw that pic i had to have it for an avatar..
We've looked at T-shirts as a possibility.

We weren't prepared to inventory any shirts, so we looked into using Zazzle custom t-shirts and more, create or shop for unique designs shipped in 24 hours

The second problem is the big one - no artwork. And a pretty small budget that just won't cover hiring a designer. We tryed enlarging the forum logo, but it is just too small to use for anything, other than printing over the breast of a shirt.

Zazzle is a pretty good deal, because you can buy junk shirts if you're cheap, or really high quality shirts if you want something good. And they do everything from travel mugs to aprons to mousepads.

If there are any artists on board that are willing to donate a design, we'll be happy to leave your 'signature' on the design and make you a Gold contributing member. Other than that, it's a project that is sitting on the shelf for the time being.
Please make sure they have a pocket. I always have a pen or something to carry and a pocket would be a great place to carry cigarettes if one were so inclined . LOL
I'd buy one, maybe one for the wife and all the kids if they liked them too. Like Brucer says though, gotta be made in the good ol USA! Printed in Phoenix would be good, I wouldn't mind sending a couple bucks to a member in Arizona.
Sadly getting 'Made in USA' shirts is getting tougher all the time and (even sadder) they stuff that is is oftentimes lower quality. I do what I can though.

I was a graphic artist in a former life and can do up a design or work from somebody else's design.

Here's a couple hot rod doodles I did a while back.

Either T-shirts or a windshield plaque to promte the site and that we are proud members.
Maricopa said:
I own a small screen printing operation and would be glad to put something together for the group.
Please send me a PM with your thoughts.
I like the idea of a T-Shirt,,but it must have a pocket,and would like to see the T-Bucket Forum logo on it ,:rofl:
Hey Webmaster, I frequent and they have several T shirts available - not sure how Steve handles the distrobution or artwork, etc... BUT he sure seems like a great guy and might let you pick his brain a bit about how he handles it all.

I can PM him over there if needed - I'm UncleSlacker over there.
OK, we're already looking at a couple of options, but one of them will require a minimum order of two dozen shirts at a crack. (In case anyone is wondering, NO, we're not going to keep shirts in inventory. No. Nope. Uh-uh. It ain't gonna happen.)

Now this would work well for an initial order, but if someone comes along the next week wanting a shirt, then he's going to have to wait until we get enough orders for another run of shirts. This is option number one.

Our only other option at this point is to hold out for just a design and then use that design with somebody like Zazzle, where we can pick out the shirt style we like and you can then order one shirt or ten shirts as you want. We can do ladies' shirts, as well. Heck, we can even do T-Bucket Forums postage stamps with Zazzle.

And we're open for other ideas, if anyone has them.
Come to think of it my good friend does T-Shirts and might do them
He does great work,,I dont know if this is ok or not but here is his link ,, His contact information is there ask for Ken
I am a screen printer in Colorado and can put together whatever you would like to see in a can check out some of my bucket-t shirts on the Spirit site.........

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