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What a difference


It is amazing what a difference good people can make. I have been here almost a year and have just over 900 posts. On the HAMB I've been there 3 1/2 years and have about the same post count. This place is awesome and we have a higher caliber of participants. It's great to be where contributing isn't scary but fun.
Thanks everybody, :D
Yeah I know what you mean. I look forward everyday coming home and signing in to read everyones post and soak in just some of the knowledge here. And trust me there is ALOT here.
Todd said:
and we have a higher caliber of participants.

Did you notice that the caliber of participants went up exponentially after I joined :D.
expo-what steve?????????????????

der Spieler said:
Did you notice that the caliber of participants went up exponentially after I joined :D.

like a .22 shell in a shotgun:rofl:
Yeah to much knowledge here..meaning when I first got my project I was just going to get it running and drive it YEAH RIGHT ! The more I read here the more I found out things on my car where not very safe so I began to make a change here and there then more and now a year after getting it I get to drive it and not worry how it is put together
Thanks to all the experienced guy's who where willing to add their inputs to the Forums ! :thumbsup:
this place reminds me of the HAMB of the old days. I cant believe it but last month I was looking for some carb info in my garage file cabinet and found some tech posts from the HAMB in 1997. I have been a member there for 12 years. (I wonder how many work hours I wasted checking it out each day)

with that being said, I bet I havent posted there half as much as here in the last 2 years.
The HAMB is a cool site and usually a good read. But what I found is that coming here I get info that applys to the car that I'm in to. This site rocks and is a wealth of info for T Buckets.
It is nice to have a site that is directed to Buckets.
I did notice that something went up exponentially Steve and i think i need my rubber boots. You will have to admit you opened the door for that one!!!!!!!!!!

I love this place!!!!!

Another thing that's really nice about tbucketeers is it's manageable, and you feel like you can participate. On the HAMB, by the time I hit the "submit reply" button, 20 people have already replied to a question before me. Makes it hard to feel like you've made any kind of contribution. With the HAMB, you can't keep up when there's a new post every second.

My two cents.

Its more like a small close nit community not a big city where you don't know hardly anybody. Here I am getting to know people and remembering what part of the country they live. A+
if you look at my forst post,, it says, "WOW, I've struck GOLD!!". i wasn't wrong. the best part is the vein keeps gettin bigger and richer with each and every new member. Once again, thanks to Fred for leading me here.

I was recently telling a potential purchaser that I am impressed with how little moderation is required around here. We've had a couple of issues, but that is pretty much it. By and large, everyone has just been playing well with others and that seems to be one of the keys to this forum's success.
der Spieler; Did you notice that the caliber of participants went up exponentially after I joined :welcome:.

It must be because of your number: 2347 B/GMR. I take it you're a Salt Head!

Yes I did. Isn't it amazing what a couple of regular guys can accomplish?

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