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what about vin plate?


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hey guys.i just purchased a27 t with turtle back,it has clear title for a 27 T.but its home made.can a vin plate be made and installed to keep the car legal?thanks jj
Well I am not sure about legal. Model T Fords did not have a vin. They had an engine serial number and that was all. I went to a trophy shop and had them make a vin plate for mine then riveted to the frame.
i just stamp the number into the frame rail on the drivers side.

did u guys just stamp any numbers and or letters in that you wanted or did your state issue the numbers?
For the cars I did that needed a Vin #, the state is the one that issued the number.
In Michigan they come out (yes they make house calls)and put a sticker on the frame on the drivers side in front of the firewall.
Back when I built my car the state (Illinois) issued a VIN and stamped it into the frame.
Indiana ,police come out and check for no "old" send in there paper work then state sends back title and vin ,we also had trophy shop make tags and rivited them to the car 3 places one hidden.
depending on how close they check you car you may be able to stamp in the number from your title and be ok.
also in Indiana the valvue you put on the car can make it harded.I think $2000 was the cut off for under 2000 a hand writtin bill of sale works to get the process rolling over needs a mare paper work and hassel.

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