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What Your Corvair Box Should NOT Look Like


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The problem with this box is 1)I was driving the S##t out of this car with this box on it.
2)I reversed this box six years ago and THOUGHT i put gear lube in it.Of course i was in a hurry to drive it i just put it on and........
3)The moral of this story?ALWAYS!!!! open that box and have a look see.I can rebuild it but the kit costs $100.00 and i need the Worm "Nut" which is the segment with the balls in it and that costs $115.00 so for $150.00 more i can get the Flaming River modern replacement.I hope you guys take heed of my trials and tribulations and learn from MY mistakes and stay safe.I guess im one lucky old dude.By the way here is the link for the parts look at the part numbers of the parts and click on it and youll get the order form and the price of each part.
YIKES!:eek: Good thing you discovered that on your work bench and not the highway. I read, on another forum, about a guy who rebuilt his rearend, installed it in his car and took off for a test run. He had forgotten to put lube in and blew it to heck 10 miles down the road. Taking your time is a lesson that I and others seem to have to learn the hard way sometimes.:eek:
I drove around with this box since june.It didn't feel real bad just a little mushy thats why i wanted to inspect it and replace anything before i shipped it off to you.By the way Thomas was over today this pic looks like he wants to kick someones bootyLOL
:lol:That's what I look like when the UPS truck is late! I see people wearing sweat shirts and forget they don't have my weather. It's freaking perfect roadster weather. I can't wait til next year.

Yea, that box could have really been dangerous. I'm surprised there weren't any real warning signs. Looks like switching may have saved you from a terrible mishap.
:DKarma can work in strange ways. If you had sent it to me, I wouldn't have checked it. Things worked out for the both of us, when you think about it.
Wow, talk about disaster waiting to happen. :eek:

Fred, I'm surprised anyone could drive 10 miles without gear lube in the rear. The way the ring and pinion get loaded up, 300 yards would be a long way.

This is just more proof that you cannot take anything for granted. I see so much stuff coming into the machine shop that it makes me wonder how lousy manufacturing processes can actually be. One of the more popular companies selling crankshafts, rods and rotating assemblies in today's market are notorious for absolutely lousy machining tolerances. In better than half the cases, we end up having to grind their cranks to get the journals round. Imagine that - spend all the money on an aftermarket crank and then discover the journals are not round. And how many people buy one of these cranks, grab the first set of bearings they see and bolt everything together without checking clearances?

We spend hours measuring bearings, because that stuff is lousy, as well. What's a small Chevy rod bearing, .750" wide? We've seen them with as much as .0007" taper across the face. How can you use that stuff, when we're trying to shoot for a .0002" tolerance on bearing clearances?

Rule number one is to check everything. When you get finished, go back and check it again. And if you don't believe me, ask Rick about his steering box.
Mike i guess the lesson to be learned is as you say check and recheck but also DON'T be in a hurry to get her down the road.I am a living (bearly as the box shows)proof that it's better to take precautions to tighten and then check the specs again on every thing.Fill the rear end?check it again box? check it again.I got ran over cause i was in a hurry to ger her onthe road i'll hook it up later well later never comes.
This thread reminds me that I still need to get safety wire on my clevises.:eek: I was putting it off till I was ready to take a spin, but nows as good a time as any. It's one of those things I could see myself over looking.

I read a post a long time ago on the NTBA and there was a guy who does a "pre-flight check" on his T Bucket everytime he gets ready to take her out. Makes sence to me.
Rick, I demand another photo shoot. Fred, I'm a hell of lot happier than that. I really think Rick needs a new camera.:lol:

thomas said:
Rick, I demand another photo shoot. Fred, I'm a hell of lot happier than that. I really think Rick needs a new camera.:lol:


I'm sure there's a cool side to that bear. *backs away s l o w l y *:rofl:

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