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What's her name?


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Every car I have owned had a name. A female name to give her a little personality. It also makes it easier to have a name to yell at or plea to.:D
I was asked by a girl I dated, why a female name. The answer was simple. "I love her to death, she is good to me, but only if I take care of her and she gets ALL my money!":lol:

The name of my T Bucket is "Miss Behavin'". It was the name painted on the side of a WWII bomber plane. It should give her a cool persona. I'm not sure if I'll paint her name on the tailgate, but it will go on the dash somewhere. Hot Rods have a history of being associated with mischief, so this will fit her very well, considering the theme I'm going for.


So, do any of you have a name for your T yet or perhaps your daily driver?
hello tfeverfred it's good to see someone from the ntba board here. my cars don't have names or atleast that i can say in pulbic.

Odie, that was the same thought I had. I've owned a couple of vehicles that had names, but they weren't for mixed company! ;)

I recently joined the NTBA, myself. I think there may be some other members lurking about, from time to time.
yes from time to time some of the other members show up, but never post anything. there was a time when there was to much fighting on that board, alot of peoples fillings got hurt. some left for alittle while (myself) and some left to never come back. i like this site so for no fighting going on here, just need more people posting.

The NTBA is a wealth of knowledge and I have gotten some good responses to issues I had when I first started my build. There are people there who are experts in certain aspects of a T Bucket( Fat Pat does brakes). However, the site moves kinda slow and patience is required.

Another good site that I joined was There are a few T bucket guys there, but the majority are musclecar people, so the advice is more general(motors, trannies, etc.).

I like this site and the NTBA because it's good to be able to pick the brains of people who are into the same vehicle. I've been spreading the word about this site and I know it will be very helpful in the future. While this is my first build, I hope I'll be able to help people who are just starting and might run into some of the things I encountered. Please feel free to PM me and I'll do what I can, but the best thing you can do is contact Brian at TP. Another good person to talk to is Pete at TP. He is also a wealth of info. While they are salesman selling their product, they are also into giving good, sound and objectional advice. They have never pushed me into buying something. They like to toss out options and will explain the pros and cons of each. The first step, even if you don't go with Toatal is to buy their instruction manual and study it. It will help when the parts start coming in.

One thing to remember is that Total has been doing this for over 35 years. They seem to have gotten it down to a point where everything works the first time, all the time. This is what impressed me alot. When you talk to them, you are speaking to guys who have owned and built many buckets and have seen just about everything that could pop up.

Now, after that plug, I need to call and see if I can get a discount on my body!:D
In the bass tournament trail, a plug like that would get you a sponser. Nice essay. I am sure once I get mine, I'll being asking you for a lot of information.

thomas said:
In the bass tournament trail, a plug like that would get you a sponser. Nice essay. I am sure once I get mine, I'll being asking you for a lot of information.


I'll do what I can. No problem.

Tip#1: The video that TP sells is good, but limited in info. It's basicly episodes of Shade Tree Mechanic. Out of the whole video, there were probably 5 things I learned that I didn't know before hand. For the cost, it's not bad. It was cool to see one go together, but it skips like most automotive shows do and it has the obligatory manufacturer plugs. Plus, Total does a few things differently since it was done. They kinda blew me away when they switched from an 8" rearend to a full chrome Jag setup! That rearend cost more than what I plan to build my T for!:eek:
odie said:
hey fred what part of houston you in?

I live near the Med Center.
sorry it took so long to get back, i work alot and sometimes never turn the computer on. the reason i asked is i was born in houston, and raised there.

No problem. I have lived here (except when I was in the Navy) for about 33 years. You're not missing much. We still have two seasons.... hot and humid!:lol: Our football stinks and the baseball team is almost as bad. The basketball team is.... well, I guess they stink too. Lots of new freeways and still too much traffic for them. The mosquitos have gotten bigger in the last few years. Now, they crack your windsheild when you hit 'em. When it rains for more than 30 minutes, the north side still floods the same streets. Gas is WAY too high considering we make a lot of it here.

All in all, the only good thing about being here is the long cruising season and I didn't think about that until I decided to build my T!
Fred, do you ever get out to Baytown for the drag races?

I was only there once, for a divisional points meet. I flew in on Saturday morning and it rained all day. I do recall a rather extreme bar tab at the Hard Rock that evening... :lol:

The next morning it was extremely cool and when I unlocked the trailer door, the first thing I saw was the altimeter on the bench, measuring -20 feet! :eek:
Mike, I have gone to the O'Reilly Nationals except for this year (work:sad:). Yea, the weather here is crazy and very unpredictable sometimes. Yesturday, it rained cats and dogs at work and 3 miles away at my house... not a drop! The day before that it was reverse! I usually watch the weather report and then, I flip a coin!:lol:
Through the years, I've dealt with a lot of the drag racers in that area. Lindley and Sheila Isonhood at Clear Lake Speed Center, Tommy Costales at Houston Engine, David and Robert Nickens, Joe Arcangeli at Sun Racing, Raymond Martin, etc. I've got a lot of customers down that way.
I mainly used to go to just be in the atmosphere. I need to get off my butt and go more because it was always a fun day when I did go. I got out of the Navy about 8 years ago. Most of the hot rodders I used to know had gotten married and sold their toys. My best bud had his own business and was doing well, but when I came home, he was living in a school bus parked behind his parents house.:lol:

I'm in the process of hooking up with car guys again and I try to hit the local spots when I can. So, far I'm still sorta like a tourist. It's like when I was a kid. If you had a car you fit in, if you didn't, you were kinda ignored. I've met a few guys who opened up and spoke, but I had to produce my build book!

So far, the coolest guys I have met both had buckets and shared some good advice, but even having a build in progress doesn't count for beans. I guess that will change when I drive up in mine or maybe I'll just be a loner and start my own "scene" at the local Sonic. The stand offish attitude of a lot of local rodders is really dumb, when you get down to it.

Wow, sorry for the rant.:eek:
I lived in Texas City, Texas for about a year. Nasty, nasty place. Lived in Arizona most of my life. Sure do miss the Southwest. All my grand children live here in Michigan, never get my wife to ever move back. Going to have to die in the God forsaken place I'm afraid. Maybe when I get started on my T I'll feel better.


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