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When will the madness end??


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I finally got my spindles last week.
took them to the machine shop to get the king pins fitted, no big deal, right???

there is not a machine shop in this part of the country that can hone the bushing:mad::mad:

seems nobody has a hone small enough to fit the bushings.
the king pins mic at .741"
the smallest hone in the Tx panhandle mics at .8something:eek:

anybody want to buy a T-bucket frame, front axle, spring, etc??

I'm about to say piss on it, and sell everything.

had I known that it was gonna be this big a PITA to get the front end done, I'da never started this project.
I figured an early Ford front suspension would be easy to build, boy was I mistaken!!!
I guess my first mistake was using an axle with parts that are virtually impossible to find.
live and learn

I thought I was the only one that could loose a coin toss nine out on ten times!! It's been my experience that if I have to rely on luck or people for anything i'm SOL.

They say that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. I say if you want something done AT ALL you have to do it yourself.

Hang in there! Dont let the bastards wear you down!!!
I was able to find a small brake cylinder hone for my Chevy spindle bushings at O'reillys. Maybe you can find something along that line.
Martin said:

Hang in there! Dont let the bastards wear you down!!!

Too late:mad:
I waited 5 months for these spindles, and I still can't use them:eek:

I'm afraid to try to hone them at home, and wind up screwing up the caster.
but, I can't use them the way they are now. :cussing::faint::pint:

Have tried calling the front end alignment shops in the area? The good ones will have someone and the tools to do it.
Todd said:
Have tried calling the front end alignment shops in the area? The good ones will have someone and the tools to do it.

seems that the problem is the size of the bushings.
no body seems to have a hone small enough to do .741":confused:

seems its a "bastard" size. everyone has .800 or bigger:mad:

That is messed up. The old shop I worked at has had that reamer for years. Sorry Dude.
Todd said:
That is messed up. The old shop I worked at has had that reamer for years. Sorry Dude.

are they still in business??
may hafta send 'em to ya:surprised:

I figured with all the "old" machine shops around here, somebody would be able to do it:confused:
I don't think an adjustable reamer would be that expensive. Call a tool supply shop in your area. Also I seem to remember RPM loaned one to somebody. Wait ultil he gets back from THE BASH before you bail out! Hang in there, it will be worth it!
Tbucit said:
A sunnen hone for connecting rods can do the job. Thats how i did my very set. Have you tried an automotive machine shop?


I have tried every automotive machine shop within 100 miles of Amarillo.
they all tell me the same thing......... .741 is too small. they do not have a hone small enough. even the guys with the Sunnen machines tell me they don't go that small. I called an "old" front end shop, they don't have anything small enough.
so I guess "size does matter" after all:lol:

tried O'reilly, AutoZoo, Advanced, Napa, even a couple parts houses here that specialize in "race and off-road" parts, nobody has a brake hone or "dingle-berry" hone that small.
called a couple small engine repair places.....same story.... .741 is too small.
so once again, these spindles have thrown a monkey-wrench into my build.:mad: but now I'm too far into it to change axles. that would mean buying a new axle, new spindles, new brake brackets, etc.

screw it, I'm going drinkin':cool::pint:
First of all this is not a deal breaker there will be many more "what or why the hell" but I am assuming that these are the early ford round spindles, is that correct? If so I just measuured a set here and they are more like.810 to .815 so maybe we are talking apples and oranges. A little more info and I think we can get this worked out for you. Oh and BTW I have found that beer does help somtimes:lol:

Keep one thing in mind if you go the cyllnder hone route. You are not just resizing the bushings for a proper kingpin fit but you are also truing them. It's like align boring an engine block. When I built mine I used a hone the first time and ended up putting the kingpin in a bind. Fortunately there is a machine shop near here that has the proper tool so I was able to get it right on my second attempt.
The reamer the guy used on mine had two adjustable cutters on a shaft so that he could do both bushings at the same time so he didn't have to worry too much about setup. I did a search or "ford kingpin bushing reamer" and just came up with one. Etools has a reamer that does one bushing at a time for just under $32. I think you would have a heck of a time clamping the spindle into a vice making sure that the X and Y were both vertical. I'm sure there are others out there. They probably aren't too easy to find. King Pin Reamer Pilot
Oops. That was just the pilot. McMaster-Carr has adjustable-diameter reamers in several different lengths and they have the pilot.
My reamer is .812" I think what you have is an Econoline pin. There has got to be an Econoline reamer somewhere. DON'T use a wheel cyl hone or a dingle berry hone. This is like align boring a block. The bushings have to be honed or reamed at the same time to make sure the holes are on centers.

Did you call Total and see if they can ream them?

here ya go try these folks.
I've got 3 of the old fashioned kingpin reamers that guide off of one bushing while reaming the other one. Unfortunately, none are the size that you need. One is for .775" to .895", another is for .830" to .960", and the last is for .890" to 1.020". Those are the top three in the photo. The other one is what der Spieler has shown in the link. It is an adjustable reamer with a guide pilot. The guide replaces the lower nut. This ones range is from 23/32" to 25/32" which converts to .7188" to .7812".


That one should do what you need done. The only problem is that Amarillo isn't any where near Kansas City. :) I use this tool on a pretty regular basis for reaming oilite bushings in brake pedal assemblies. At present, I don't have need for it for a few days. If you wanted to use it and foot the U.P.S. charge to return it, I'd be happy to help you out. PM me your address and I'll get it headed your way.

A word of caution...These aren't the easiest thing to use. You make your adjustments in about 1/8 of a turn at a time to keep from digging in and gouging the bushing. Always turn it clockwise even when backing it out. As you can see this one has had some hard use over the years as the squared end has been lost. I use it in the lathe so I just chuck up the shaft in the 3 jaw. For doing it by hand, I use a tap handle and tighten the peewaddin out of it. :D
Adjustable King Pin Reamer - CT21 also

pricey though.. i bet you can find it somewhere cheaper if you look.. you need to hit the fracional size of 25/32..

also mcmaster carr has them... you have to buy the reamer, and you have to buy the pilot seperate.. when you go to mcmaster carr on thier menu go to reamers, then go to replaceable blade expansion hand reamers, then you'll have a choice of angle blade reamer, straight blade reamer, and also the pilot.. all of its on the same page...

if i needed to buy one i would get it from mcmaster carr if i were you..
take it to an old shop that does truck front ends. Anybody that works on a Ford Twin I Beam oughta be able to do it.
They are in fact TP repops of Econoline spindles.

I think I found a place that can do it.:eek:

he actually took the spindle, walked out to the shop and "test fit" his hone/reamer. should have them back tomorrow.:D

old machinist that works outta his home garage, stumbled upon him.

fingers crossed:lol::lol:

thanks for all the input / info Guys, I really appreciate it.
according to my wife, I'm not the most patient person.:lol:;)
guess it comes with the territory.
I've been a paramedic for about 23 years, and am not accustomed to waiting for things to happen......usually I'm praying they slow down:eek::lol:




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