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Where do the wires go?


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I am trying to figure out how to wire my front end.Where and how should I hide my wires?
I like to have all the front end componets in place before I start running wires. Then it seems they kinda tell me where to run them.
I drilled holes near the headlights and just under the firewall (in the frame) Put grommets in and fished the wires.
I just ran mine nice and tight along the bottom of the frame. I have thought about re-running them inside the frame though. Probably not till after I move though. I got a yer and a half to think about it now.
:DThank you all for your feedback not sure what to do yet but now I have something to go on.:D
run all u can in the frame like aux lites and head lites. easy way to run them is go by ur local boat dealer and ask him for some used throttle or shiftcables these are removed from there cover and u will have 11-17 ft of stainless wire. makes for a great wire puller or posher... ive had mine for 15yrs hope this helps u mike
They are Air Heart Hurst caliphers.When I bought the car it was already on.I'm not sure if I'm going to change them yet.

Those are '74 Nova calipers. I believe Chevelle is the same thing. The reason that they may look small is because I sawed, ground, filed and sanded them to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that was on the castings. Just some more "junk" that was used in the construction of my car.
Those calipers are '74 Nova from a parts car that I once had. I believe that Chevelle is the same. The reason that you may not have recognized them is because I sawed, ground, filed and sanded everything that looked bulky without ruining them safety wise. They have excellent stopping power.
I ran all my wires inside the frame rails. Speedway has headlight brackets with a hole down the middle for wires. Put a matching hole in the frame and fish them.

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