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wheres RPM?????

chopper tom

I have been trying to reach RPM by phone for the past 2 days and have had no luck? is he on vacation or some thing ?
I need to know how much to send for my radios rods and ship ,handling and if a postal money order will be ok?
Ron, look for Randall (Tbucit) and his wife Friday or Saturday. You have the Tub with ya right?

He posted a message on another thread -

"Hey guys, have a question. My wife are going to be in Mountion Home by Friday afternoon but without the Bucket. I saw on the schedule that a crusie was leaving from the fairgrounds at around 5:00 that evening. Would it be alright to show up and watch the cars leave and take a few (or maybe alot) pictures. It appears that this event is really geared toward the participants and that is great so I don't want to be getting in the way as a spectator. I will be at the fairgrounds when the gates open on Sat no matter what. One last thing, where is the "hot" spot to stay and see the most cars?Thanks alotRandall"

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