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Which sounds more "hot rod?"


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I need a vote on this. Which sounds more hot rod? Power locks and windows or window cranks and regular locks?
Window cranks etc. because it humanizes the experience, and think of all the sweet looking cranks and stuff that are available from all the past cars that were made. I was just at a swap meet and a guy had a box of about a hundred window cranks and the sign said "Any item here $1.00"

Buckets together with the words windows and locks sounds like swear words on here!
Power locks and windows = Street Rod.
Manual = Hot Rod.

My opinion only. The opinion of the management may be different. ;)

Edit: On other boards you would be flamed, reemed, raked, chewed up and spit out for asking such a question. :D
These guys are nice.. but let's not push them TOO far. :cool:
And of course.. I am being silly...
It depends on what kind of ride you're talking about.

My daily driver has both and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My bucket doesn't have doors so there for doesn't need locks or windows much to my sons disappointment. I told him as long long as I can still get in it at 66 he doesn't get it.
Gotta be manual. :cool:

Power is for the junk they sell in showrooms today. When power malfunctions, then you've got headaches. :eek:
First question on the H.A.M.B. would be ... are they "traditional"? And you could definately have either types of windows and locks on a t coupe. Are you just asking or thinking of something for the boat/truck?

I'm asking because I'm not going forward with the boat truck. I had a scare 2 weeks ago when I thought my 90 F150 was about to give up on me. That truck is my baby and I've decided to make the truck my hot rod. It has two broken power locks and one dead power window and I was thinking of going to the salvage yards in seach of other doors without the power. But before I did, I wanted to see if that was the way I should go. I figure it is about as much trouble to fix these doors as it is to get other doors without the power. My baby needs new door panels and rubber around the windows. I've found a place that sells new door panels, so that is taken care of. The interior is grey, which doesn't exactly say "hot rod," but I don't think I'll change it to another color. I may put in black rubber floor and a black headliner. A black and grey seat with grey door panels shouldn't look too bad. The truck will remain black, but once the rust and dents are taken car of, it should be a beautiful truck once again.

So no boat truck or t-bucket yet, the 352 FE and posi rear will be for my baby.
Several companies make window switches that uses the stock window crank. The best of both worlds. Power windows that look like manual windows. That's what i plan on using in my '56 Chevy.
They do look good but me but my worry is someone (even me, in dozy or normal state) would crank on them like manual controls and wreck them.
But they do work good and look old. A buddy of mine did a 49 Meteor for a client and used that type.
LarryH, just carry around a power screwdriver and those windows will go up and down without the extra wiring.:)

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