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Who manufactured my frame and tub


I am in the process of purchasing what I am being told it is a 27 tbucket. The tub is black in color as I have seen on California Customs website. Also the steering box is located back toward the tub not lile I have seen on Speedway Motors. I have post a few pictures to help with my dilemma. Screenshot_20220804-224757_craigslist.jpg Screenshot_20220804-224825_craigslist.jpg Screenshot_20220805-073115_craigslist.jpg
Looks like a 1915 body with the rear as high past the sides.

I believe that is Dahlia !
Does anyone know of anyone that can supply a turtle deck or 20" bed that will fit a CCR tub? CCR has lost its fiberglass supplier and is in the process of getting molds made and finding another supplier. Kinda at a standstill until I can get a bed put on to finish some wiring. Any help would be most appreciated.
You can make any thing with fiberglass. Try it you might be surprised.
Hi everybody new to this group just purchesed what i think is a 1923 t bucket needs a lot of work so i will be have a few questions in the future good to meet everybody
Welcome, SantaBill. Put a post on the introductions page and you'll get more responses.
You can tell it is CCR by the 4 little dimples in the middle of the back.

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