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Wild T

Welcome from the other side of the world.:lol:
Welcome from a Calif, retired Rod builder... Hope to be able to help with building problems, but can't build your whole car my way.. hehe They won't let me, they tell me this is not Burger King, I don't get it MY way.. :lol: post pics of your ride...
Hi Guys Thanks for all your replies. I am starting my new Bucket in August after I get back from holiday in New Zealand which is my home country. I left my Bucket in NZ as bringing to Australia is a bit of a hassle so I decided to build a brand new one but I will keep you posted as the build proceeds. My bucket back in NZ is an old school ride but I just love it. It runs a Ford 272 y block and it go's hard but my new one will go harder.
Welcome Wild :) Your old T sounds great, You got any pics?
Hi VegasBruce yea mate I will bring the pics back from NZ with me and I will post them up then. In the mean time mate you have yourself a great day.
Can't wait to see the pics, Get some background in there so we can see the lay of the land. I've been in Florida for thirteen years and still miss mountains. At this point I would settle for a good hill. LOL

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