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Windshield Mounts

Now, any suggestions and pictures on how to mount the fiberglass radiator shell?

Don't know what radiator & shell you are using but here's how I did mine. My radiator & shell are both Speedway. On my radiator I had to weld 2 extra tabs on for shell mounting and then on the shell I cut the bottom off. I also thinned the shell out bout even with tank thikness. Once that was done I then cut my radiator neck hole and then the side mount holes. The shell sides I cut just shy of rubbing on the radiator mount tab bolts. Front i cut bout even with top of bottom tank.
2019-01-10 19.07.53.jpg 2019-04-01 16.59.04.jpg 2019-04-01 16.57.28.jpg 2019-04-01 16.56.41.jpg 2019-04-01 16.42.27.jpg
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I like the planning you did to make sure you got the max out of the electric fan !
You were correct. They cross threaded the screw. Fortunately it was softer than the threads in the frame. I ran a bottoming tap through it and installed a new screw. Frame is usable now and good as new as far as that goes. Don't know if i can buff all the scratches out of the chrome though. What happened to people providing good service these days? I seem to run into more & more people these day's that have no ethics and don't know their trade. Or worse yet, just don't give a s#$t! Sorry for the rant.
I think allot of guys just polish up those rads and go without the shell. I had to put a pusher fan on mine because I didn't have the clearance so I am making a custom shell.

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