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Windshield posts


Got my nice chrome windshield posts from RPM yesterday. Look great! Now, for the question of the day. Is there a method for making a template for mounting these to the body, or is it just put it up there and eye it? These posts are the ones with the bolt bosses on the inside of the post and bolts go in from inside body. I hope that makes sense.

Thanks all
I haven't installed a set, but did have to redo the windshield and frame to get a higher windsheild. In changing from a 6" to 14" height, it became obvious the post were mounted in different planes. Even if I had to mock up a windshield and frame from plywood, I would do it to keep the post pointed in the same direction while marking for mounting.
Never mind about a template! All you guys that have gone through this, explain how you installed your windshield posts.


I drilled a couple of holes and this post(Speedway) still does not fit. Pictures, a lot of pictures, sure will help.

Mount the glass frame in the stanchons first. Slide that assembly on the cowl. It will tell you where to go from there.

Make a cardboard or heavy paper pattern of the back side bosses that will need holes drilled in body, make the pattern larger than the outside of the posts, so that when you have it held up in place (one post and frame)you can tape the paper pattern to the body, this will show you where to drill the body with the assembly taken off...I don't believe you can do this with both posts mounted to the frame, as the bosses will hold the posts away from the body and things will be too tight to fit... So, line it all up the way you like with one post and frame, then drill and bolt that side in place, then use that same pattern on the other side, so you can see just where to drill that side... ask more questions if needed... :)
Thanks, guys, for the help. It appears to me that the key is to have the frame. Don't have it, yet. So, I'll let y'all know how it goes after I get my frame. Should be able to get it in the next couple of weeks.

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