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Windshield Posts


Well guys I have been lookin for the angle windshield posts like TP use to offer. I checked with CCR today and still no luck. Would anyone know who might offer these? Also checked with Mickey at King T and also Spirit and Speedway:sad:
If you are planing on painting buy the straight one and mod them. My buddy has the layback and his total body is a B#$%H to climb out of . I think his glass is to tall for the laybacks. Last time i spoke to Diane at CCR she had the laybacks in chrome.
I have a CCR body, last time I called about the posts they told me they had 3 sizes of windshield glass. That was 2 years ago, I got so confussed I couldn't figger out which size I wanted so ....thats why mine is still inna big pile in the shop, besides, Diane told me she wanted $400.00 + for em..:D:cry::hooray::cry:
I think the biggest thing here is trying to figger out the angle you like, some of those layed back posts are layed back way too far for my liking. About Half the angle would be bout right.
Yes, Access into the car is a squeeze the more ya lay back the window and more bugs in yur teeth.
In the beginning I wanted a layed back window, now I'm not too sure. :confused::confused:
You might check with The boys in Arizona, They have most of the CCR patern parts on their bodies. "BH"
I like the upright screen with the stays much better. A T bucket is not supposed to look like a sports car.

Hey its just my opinion.;)

here's another vote for the straight up windshield......i can buy stock posts all day long for up to $20 each!!

I don't mind a little lean in the winshield. Once you get past 10 degrees or so the look is gone.
Some one should design a stantion that is upright and can be adjusted to layback when the mood hits ya. Not just a tilting glass.
yeah guys guess it will be straight up on windshield. Was just workin on that 40mpg. with the slanted windshield:lol::lol::lol:
If you build it right 140 on a straight glass will work just fine. Someone told me that i think no higher than 14 inches with out some support. I could be wrong about that . Without braggin mines is 14 inches. (Tall)
Hey Rooster, On that 14 inches, I was wondering about that too. Speedway only has a 20 inch and it does use supports,thats kinda like carryin a sheet of cardboard in the wind, alot of stress on mounting
I tell ya those WS are to pricey for me i just got some 1 inch alum round stock and milled a 5/16 slot and had a friend tig it together and i polished it .
the stock tubing was 7/8"

i pick "em up at swaps. have found them in the dollar boxes and off the tables. sold the last set a couple weeks ago but the swap meet season will start here next month and i'm sure i'll find some.i'll let you know when i have a set.

On 2/25, I bought a set of chrome slantback ones from CCR. Diane told me that I bought the last pair and that it would be awhile b-4 they got more. Speedway has the chrome straight ones on backorder.
an easy, well another way to slant you windshield and still use straight posts, is to do it like the old Rolls Royce used to do it, use a straight piece in the post area, then the frame itself slants back a ways, then at the hinge angles back to a straight up and down angle, still gives you the less wind thing, and affords more room for entering your bucket, wolla a two in one plan, or use for straight posts.. :) If I remember right, Norm G used that idea with his first wild T..??

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