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Wintec Fabrication

I was talking to a customer of mine at work, turns out that owns a pro street Vega. Well you know what happens when two car guys get together... We got to talking about cars and all things car related. He told me all about his Vega, showed me some photos. And I started telling him about my bucket.

Turns out he lives just up the street from the old Total Performance shop. He said that they have reopened :surprised: Well I had to drive down and find out for myself.

A new company called Wintec Fabrication has opened in the same building. Started by some of the old TP employees, they offer a T body, frame brackets, radius rods and a few other parts as well as the Cool Flex hoses. And they hope to offer a kit (Someday)

Wintec Fabrication

I have nothing to do with the company, and I'm not trying to tick off any of the forum advertisers (Ron at RPM's a great guy to deal with as is B.C. at Spirit) Just thought some might be interested.
Thats Jim a senior salesman at Total.He was in charge of the interior kits on the cars among other things.He bought Cool-Flex before the crap hit the fan there.Real good guy to talk to and very service oriented.He's the one who knows where to get the windshield frame material and wont say cause he's gonna start to make them himself.Look for other Total stuff to come out of there if the legal stuff permits.
Was looking closer at the Wintec web site check out the weld on front shock brackets.Hmmm look familiar RPM ?$45.00 per set.
Total sold those shock brkts.I bought the bolt on ones and Brian sent me the prints for both.

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