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Winter Projects


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Ok guys it's time up grade or just finish what your doing this winter for the spring so take a moment and let the Forum in on what your doing to make the car yours or what your waiting for that fat guy to bring you Dec.25.Lets all share a little and if you want post some pics on your progress.
I was looking for a 14" track style steering wheel awhile back and came
up with two things.....
1. No company would donate a steering wheel to me. :(

2. If I want one I'd have to build one.

Sooooo,I took two pieces of 3/16" aluminum and cut out the size and shape
that was needed. Then cut some scrap wood to make the "rim" screwed
it to the alum. parts and "engined turned" the center part.
the wood will be covered when I do the interior.

I was hoping for Santa to bring me a body this year. He hasn't returned my calls and the letter came back with reindeer crap on it, soooo I guess I'll hope my girl comes through with half or I'll just have to wait until January.
I've got to make a decision soon as to exactly what I want to do this winter. I am trying to decide between buying a 2003 completed Spirit T-bucket and going through it top to bottom or start a new project from scratch from Spirit.
I actually found a completed Spirit Bucket with in 20 miles from me at a decent price (about what I'd have in a kit with motor and tranny). I hope to get a chance to go see it this weekend. Being a first time bucket owner/builder is tooooough!
Very nice wheel.Keep up the good work.And forget to post progsess pics so some of the guys can get a few ideas.
@ Track-T - I agree, you do nice work!

@ Yogi - If the current owner hasn't made any drastic mistakes with his build, you're probably a lot better off to purchase his project and go through it to give it your own touch. If it was a butchered job, then you need to start examining how much it will cost you to make it right. But in nearly every instance, buying a complete car is the most economical route, as it saves you from needing to buy everything new.

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