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Wire guage question


I am starting to wire my car and have a question. What size wire is needed for the sending units for the guages? The distance is only about two feet so I was thinking I could use 16 or 18 guage. I am trying not to overkill this (with too heavy wire) so that I can have several colors available to me to help keep the harness understandable. The headlights have what looks like 18 ga wire, but they are made for a motorcycle so that could explain that. I am using relays on all the high draw items so the way I understand it a smaller wire is aceptable. Is this correct?

As always thanks for any help

You can use 18 gauge wire for the sending units as they are very low current devices. However I would suggest using 16 gauge because it is a little stronger physically than the 18 gauge wire. Personally, I never use any wire gauge smaller than 16 when wiring a car. It is still small enough to not look bulky but is quite durable.
On a related note, I have to comment on the premade wiring kits available. I had never used one prior to wiring up my Kid's T bucket. I have done a bunch of cars and since I worked in the marine industry I got marine grade wiring and components at cost so I just made up my own from scratch. He bought a Summit kit (made by Painless I think) and while it was far from perfect it wasn't too bad either.

Now that I no longer get my discount one of these kits is actually a very good couldn't buy all the components to do it for what the kits cost. We probably won't buy another Summit kit, but my one Son is going to buy one from American Autowire for his '29. He used to wire boats and cars for a living and researched them a little and feels this kit and some others like Ron Francis are of pretty good quality.

Just thought I would pass that along.

Thanks guys I think I may follow the advice and stick to 16 ga for the small stuff. It may be overkill on some things but I have went overboard on this thing so much so why stop now. LOL
Don the Summit kits are from Painless but as I think you have or will see the American Autowire is a great company to deal with. I am using one of their fues blocks with 12 circuits, I have also gotten many of the componets to do the job from them as well.

Again thanks


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