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Wire harness choices

Any one except "It's a Snap" Wires too short- lettering wipes right off- poor instructions etc.
TexasT said:
Which wire harness company would you guys choose to go with on wiring?

Try reading through this thread, I think the guys mentioned/commented on every wire harness company out there.
Don't forget the most important part! This stuff has saved me more than once:


I stole this image from another notorious forum....

I used the Painless kit. I bought it before they started labeling the wires but the directions made the installation a breeze. The only problem I had was the steering column. I mounted my fuse box under the seat and the pigtail was too short to reach. I bought some rolls of wire the same colors as the column wiring and cut and spliced a length of each in line. Worked fine. Never had a problem.
the only one that is going to be prefect for your car is one you assemble from scratch, 'cayse it is made for your car. no two cars are the same. if you are going to kit iti have used an EZ harnes because it was cheap. sure, i had to add to the wires but that's not a problem.

just a note on splicing. connecters will work but a soddered splice with heat shrink is for keeps.

Youngster splice the nail on the head. Ive been wiring for many moons and a back braid with heat shrink is forever. This is the way house wiring was done back 70 years ago on the old knob and tube wiring on running splices Termination splices are side by side . Put your shrink tube on one of the wires strip 1/2 inch or so cross the wires in an x pattern twist in opposite directions solder and slide HS over joint and use heatgun not a cig lighter to shrink the HS. Yea thats the ticket.
Like Youngster said, I soldered my splices and used heat shrink. I only use crimp connectors when I have to.

butch27 said:
I don't like cutting and splicing the wiring. If you have to you can use connectors.
I am wiring my T right now. I bought a Painless Wiring Kit. It is very good quality and good instructions and made in Ft. Worth, Texas. I met the owner at a swap meet when I purchased the kit. He was a real nice guy, threw in an ignition switch to boot.
He said to call him anytime if I had any questions. I may have before I'm done, but so far so good.
Yes the one made for your own car is the best and the cheapest by far, just do your own, and do not over do the wires, like too many, better to be a bit too heavy than too light a gage, # 12 will work with most everything, although, I never use a key starter any more, as that was a thorn in my side for years, till I finally learned to hook up the starter direct to a HD starter button using #10 wire, a bit heavy, but it solved all those starting problems that I thought were from a low battery, no more, it pops off like a new baby. If you doubt it, hook one up along with what you already have and try it, you will love it, unbelieveable... PS, I use circuit breakers in place of fuses, and glad I do, many a time that got me home when something either came lose or touched something wrong..
That's why we have wire ties or as they are sometime called, zip ties. One of the number one things to remember in wiring is "neatness counts."
Here are some pictures showing what you should try to shoot for in your wiring. The first picture is taken looking upward behind the dash with the drop down distribution panel. I know that yours is under the seat, which is fine, but look at the neatness of the wire runs.


This shows the distribution dropped down for easy service.


This shows the starter wiring. Again, check the neatness.


And here is the top of the engine wiring.


All this is not just for show. You will thank yourself for trying to do things in a neat and clean manner if you ever have to do any trouble shooting in the future.
MY BAD! I posted two pictures of the starter wiring and not the top view of the engine as stated in the text. Since I'm not smart enough to edit out that picture, here is the picture that should have been posted.


It's hard teaching an old dog new tricks!
Akitagandy, The distribution panel is by Haywire. If you look at the wiring prints that have been posted by Fred you will see the whole system.

As for the valve covers, I finally saw your message from last month and answered you today. If you did not get it, please let me know.
I like the auto wire harness. I wired my own from scratch. It let's you get as "pretty" as you want that way.

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