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wire routing


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hey guys getting started on wiring my t and i am looking for some differnt ideas on how and where to run the harness send pics if you have them open to all options dont be shy.

There is another thread under "Electrics" where the location of the fuse box was discussed. Many T's locate the fuse box under the seat but on that thread there are some photos of Ex Junk's neat swingdown box mounted under the dash.
My wiring is under the seat. I ran all my wiring in the frame in some black nylon sleeve. When i exit the frame i tig welded a threaded bung as a bushing to keep the wiring from getting chafed. One bung on each side under the body one for each headlight and one for the alt and fan.
Also dont forget the ground . Frame to engine, frame to battery and frame to bonding grid this is where all the grounds live.
Yeah, nice job on the wiring there.

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