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Wiring harness plug?


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Eventually, I will set the body off the purple turd. I have about 8 to 10 wires from the front right corner of the body that go down on the frame to various locations. I can always undo, label or cut them, but I was wondering what you guys did? Is there a plug that would handle this, look and work good, that I can add to the harness?
I am thinking something like the old Fords used to go from the firewall to the inside fuse box.

Using a plug set up would be a good idea for the times you may need to remove the body. It's much better than cutting and resplicing wires. You can get the plugs at the auto parts store, but Radio Shack had them also.
What you need is called a "Weather Pack"and there sold by any wire harness seller like American Auto Wire.They are completely water proof.I think Speedway also sells them
This past summer I completely rewired my bucket and used the Painless Quick Connect kits. I can now remove my complete dash by taking out two bolts and unplugging it. They come in 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12 and 15 wire and I think the most expensive one was like $12.00.
Those painless plugs are called molex plugs. I always use them on cars. If you live in a decent size city, you should be able to find them locally pretty cheap. I pay less than $5 for a 12 pin at a local electronics supplier. If you decide to use them, get a nice set of the crimpers made for them. makes doing them real easy.
When you buy Molex connectors it should be noted that molex connectors come in 2-15 pin configurations and more. But the MOST important is to size the pins to the highest amp draw in the circuit. molex barrel pins comes in several dif sizes. Weather pack conn are great but most are for signal circuits and low amp applications not to say WP doesnt have what you need but check the max ampacity before you buy.
Yeah rooster57, I have one wire that is probably 10 or 12 ga and the rest range from 16 to 14. I noticed the WP looked like it might be on the light side, but if it comes in larger sizes it probably is good quality. The Molex doesn't look as weather proof, but I could have them under the dash.

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