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Witch over Bonneville

der Spieler

Well I had some photos that I tried to bring over from photobucket that didn't upload. I'll keep trying.

Still can't get it to work so I'll just post links

This is Leslie Porterfield at Bonneville. She set a record of 234mph on her motorcycle. I don't know how fast she went on the broom. (P.S. This photo was not photoshopped.)


Witches over Bonneville picture by landracer - Photobucket

Here's a picture of her with her motorcycle.


Leslie Porterfield picture by landracer - Photobucket

And another with MotoGP racer Nicky Hayden


Leslie and Nicky Hayden picture by landracer - Photobucket

I figure the reason she is so fast is to stay ahead of the boys. I knoiw if I were a young man I'd be doing some chasing.
hey steve ... how come you haven't posted that pic of Kelly puttin her butt print on yer front tire before??? cool!!!!!

I've got a couple more pics of her somewhere. I'll dig them up and post them.
No problem. When you are viewing your album, you should be able to hover your mouse over an image and see some codes appear under the image. If you click on the IMG code, it will copy the code you need to your operating system clipboard. Come to the forum, start a post and then paste the clipboard to the post and you should get everything you need to post the image here. It's really pretty easy, once you've done it. Just make sure you are grabbing the IMG code and you're good to go.

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