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World of Wheels car show

Francis Blake

Active Member
Going to the car show today to get aquinted with the other members of Cowtown ts have been a member for six mounths and have not been able to attend meetings and get to know everybody, hope to takecare of that today :)...Francis
Hey Francis, I plan on heading down there today myself. Gotta do some chores first. Prolly after lunch by the time I get down there. I'm guessing the snow is going to keep a lot of folks away.
Post up pix's from the show. So all of us can check them out.
Believe it or not the snow didn't keep anybody away. The crowd at the World of Wheels car show was heavy all day. I got there ar 11:30 Am and had trouble finding a place to park, most of the lots were full and running over. Was a good show as usual.
K:cool::cool::cool::cool:L, thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the link and the pics.:D

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