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yes another new guy


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Hello I just found this site and looks like a good place. I am currently building a T kit from Total Performance. This is not my first Bucket and not even my first from Total. long story short I teach a auto shop program for The Crossing Education Center Crossing Ministries .This is the second car we are building as the class.This is a great way to show the students every part of a car and keep there interest at the same so far it has been a great fundraiser for the program as well.
once i get this site figured out i'll post some pics of past and present class projects
Welcome to the forum Scott, I think you'll find it a very friendly place. I for one am looking forward to seeing some pictures of your classes projects.
Welcome Scott, and a big thumbs up to you!
:welcome: Glad you found us Glad to have you great bunch of guy's here...
welcome scott :welcome:

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