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Youngster's Plans


Great plan set Youngster. I see that you go with a two-piece radius rod hanger connected by a section of 7/8" tube. This is a unique design as all the designs I've seen so far only use 1 piece of 3/8" plate. Did you notice a disadvantage to the 1 piece hanger?
I really didn't see any disadvantage to a single plate. At one time I tried a sandwich bracket to put the bolt in a double shear, but didn't like the look and I don't think it's nessary if a grade 8 bolt is used. The purpose of the double bracket as described in the plans is to distribute the stress to two sides of the frame rail tube. Another way is to weld a sleeve thru the rail. This works on an extremly low fram rail where you might have a ground clearance problem.

Youngster, you are using coil-overs at the rear. Do you have a lower bracket design for the single leaf spring?
Hey Craig...From our talks I know you are planning to use a Model rear spring. I like to use an axle spring mount that goes all the way around the housing. By doing this, I beleive you cut down the chance of warping the axle tubes. I use to fab these mounts but now I just order them from Pete & Jake. I just can't justify spending the time to fab them with P & J's price.

Ron, I checked Pete and Jakes site, and correct me if wrong, it looks like part # 4019A (for 2 13/16" dia housing). They don't mention prices but any idea?
That site could be a little more user friendly. Part # 4019A is what you want. As far as price goes, I would call them to find out.

Your frame is narrower than most of the commercial plans I've seen and I know why. What are you using for motor mounts and where do you position them on your frame?
Because of body placement and different types of mounts, it's best to set your body and engine on the frame leaving 1-1/2" between the distributor and the firewall. At that point the engine will tell you where to locate it's mounts. I like to use the stock Chevy motor mounts on the engine. The frame mounts are a flat piece of 3/16" plate with a gusset under it and a piece of tubing for the bolt for the motor mount. Look at the ones on the P & J site.


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