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Yum Yum

Take the time to check this out. You won't be sorry! That is one awesome T!

I've had the pleasure of seeing this one in person at Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach and it's as finely detailed as in the pics. A great looking track roadster you can spend hours looking at. Thanks for posting.
YblockT, where you live in socal?
Track-T said:
YblockT, where you live in socal?

Live in IL. Was just visiting SoCal when I took in Donut Derelicts after hearing so much about it for years. Over the years, I've been a few times and now there's the HAMB-related "anti-donut" event just a few blocks away -- or, if you're into exotic$$$ you can take in the Sat. morning event in Newport Beach. Prefer Derelicts because it's been around a long time and the variety is great -- usually at least one T-bucket.
Man that is one sweet looking little ride!


Love it!
I remember seeing pics of this car several years ago, and even posted some to the NTBA. I always wondered who it belonged to and who built it. It is truely a beautiful peice of work. Thanks for posting it.

Man, there's a ton of ideas in this one! Awesome looking Trackster!
Is that a Speedway car?Also what kind of front axle is that?SWEET

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