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09 Buckethead Bash


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Plans are coming together nicely for the event. The Dates this year are July 14-18. The Jim Sell memorial cruz on the 17th will be open to all cars and bikes and we will let anyone who was on that cruz park there ride in the fairgrounds on Sat.

The Bash site is getting spammed bad so I may be more active here about the event until we can figure out what to do about the Bash forum.
Valve cover race

Speedway is sponsoring the valve cover race again and I told Dave we want something good for the winner. Along with the valve cover race this year we will set up a pine wood derby track for the little kids that way the big kids wont have all the fun
FYI Event dates posted on web page messed up. maybe last years days and dates.
I need to get a new banner made for this site. The dates are July 13-18 with the biggest days being Fri and Sat the17th and18th.
Can you tell me whats going on the 13th and 14th? Will leave for vacation a day Early, but have to be in NC for a automtive training conference by the 16th. Want to see some buckets up close and maybe buy a body ect.
In the past on Mon which will be the 13th we have gathered up a lot of the folks that were in town and went to Fred's fish house. Last year we had about 30 +or- buckets in the parking lot and took up half the restaurant.
On Tues the 14th we will have a party at my house. I think T-five-0 counted 79 buckets in the back yard and my wife said we feed about 200. For more info on the party stop by Spirit when you get into town. (your invited if you would like to come.)
Wed the 15th we will go on a cruz to Bull shoals and hang out there for a while.
The best and most up to the min. info about what is going on can be found out at Spirit 870-425-5900 also key cell phone numbers will be included in entry packs.
We had a great time in Mountain Home last year. Bob and his wife Ann are the best host. You won't want to miss the party at their house. We got there last year on Monday and we are going to this year also. The short cruise to Freds is great. Come Monday if you can.
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hey everyone this is a video of the bash in 07 just to give people who haven't gone a chance to see what its like. people all over the country come to this event to share stories, have a good time, and most importantly, to show off their buckets! if you haven't been before its a lot of fun and you should go!
Will Do My best. had plans to check out a place in Kodak, TN on the way out but sounds like he will be out. :) . Maybe on the way Back to Missouri.
Thanks for the Invite B.C. I will be there. What can i bring, do or contribute to your event? Where does everyone normally stay. IE motels in the area. Last time I was in your area, family made me camp by the river.
Here are a couple of pics from Bob's backyard last year, at the Bash.


Tha valve cover race will be at 10:00 Sat morning. Also this year we are going to set up a track for pinewood derby cars for the younger crowd. It's a 4 lane track and we will run those races the same time as the valve covers.
So if you plan on coming and have kids that like to build things let them do a pinewood durby car and we will make sure they have a chance to race it.
moving on

For anyone into BBQ we will have a competition on Friday. Here is a link to more info. Also on Sat the Buckethead participants will be the taste judges for a free style cook off.

Bob you should get a shirt with that symbol on the back
Ron are you bringing the mini T with you? Are we going to raffle it or auction to raise money for this forum? I'm good with what ever but if we are going to do something I would like to promote it.

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