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09 Buckethead Bash

B.C. said:
Ron are you bringing the mini T with you? Are we going to raffle it or auction to raise money for this forum? I'm good with what ever but if we are going to do something I would like to promote it.

Yes I am coming to the Bash. I will be bringing the mini T along.

I say raffle it off, but i really don't care either way. It is your show and you are the host so I am good with what ever we have time for. :)
This site has been supportive of Spirit and I would like to see Spirit supportive of the Tbucketeers. So how bout some input from the powers behind the key pad. What do you think Webmaster? Let us know what you think.
Town is starting to hop. We will be going to Freds fish house Monday night which is tonight. We will leave the Ramada parking lot at 6:00.
Man the weather could not have been better for the party at the house and I think everyone had a great time I know I did. I even seen "HIM" yes Norm made an appearance. He told me he was going to make the show on Sat so that should be fun. We should have some video up tomorrow.

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