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1925 Dodge C-Cab Dump truck


At the Elks Lodge cars show today I spotted this little jewel. A 1925 Dodge C-Cab Dump truck owned by a nice couple that own a excavation business. This is there play truck not one of the work trucks, but I would bet this truck at it's day building America. I invited them to join us here on the T-Bucketeers, I hope they do.


I hope they join us on this site too. It would be great to know more about their truck.
I would like to say thank you! This is our truck, my husband just found this online. We have now joined your group online. We love our little truck. We would like to have more information on how it survived. We purchased it this way, and had to do not much work to it. We do Excavation for a living, so it fits right at home with us.
Welcome from Yukon, OK !!!
Welcome from PA

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