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1st Place Trophy

pete rallis

New Member
Just a note to brag a little. I don't get on here much due to trying to finish the car, but wanted to tell ya'll our 1927 Spirit won the T-bucket Class at the 20th annual Summers Last Blast. Vernon's annual cruise had 1100 cars, and some great street rods, T's, classics and street machines. And 100 degree plus Heat. Thats my friend Rick Olson Turbo Ford T from Electra Texas beside our 27...
Thanks to all who helped and to Spirit for producing a great car.
always fun to get a little recognition for some hard work... good job!
Congratulations your 27 T is very nice looking and deserves a 1st place. Tell your friend Rick he has a very cool ride too. Did it place? Because of how nice it is in the picture, it should have gotten runner-up.
Thanks guys... We were really happy with our 27 T and the outcome. Plus its a blast to drive..There are some old race car parts of ours on it, and Rick donated the front wheels and other pieces. Rick bought his 23T body and frame 25-30 years ago, finished it 4 years ago and is as nice as any I've seen. It placed 3rd, which I kind of questioned,( the 2nd place car was nice too). It has won almost all of the events in the area for the last 3-4 years. He did every piece of the car, except the interior...I will post more pics if he says its ok...
Nice Car, congrats.

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