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2-1965 Ford Falcons


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I had these Falcons given to me just to get um out of his yard.Don't quite know what to do with them.One stock original motor(6 cyl)One totaly rebuilt one.I guess strip um and junk um.'Cept for the motors and trannys.



Sounds like you have already figured it out. Stip 'em, e-bay 'em and scrap the rest. That 6cyl. would be a good start for an econo T.

2 engines and trannys.I might sell the good one to the Falcon club here and scrap the rusty one and keep the power train(Power?).
Ya know those old Falcoons run pretty cheap....I dunno what ya got for dailer drivers but with gas at $5.00/Gal, you might want a cheapo driver in the stable, thats not all computer controled.. jus a thought. "BH"
I don't need it but thought with all the 6 cyl. Talk mabe someone would want it.If not i'll scrap it to.
What kind of condtion is that teal one in. It looks like its decent. I've been looking for a falcon for a driver for a while now...
Do they have 8" rearends for use in buckets? :)

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