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23-t Photos from Louisville


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Hi Everyone: I have uploaded a few photos of some Buckets that I found at the Streetrod Nationals in Louisville yesterday. Thousands of rods outside of the display buildings, but not very many t-buckets. There were so many rods outside that looking for the T's was like looking for a needle in a haystack. The yellow T had a steering rack up front instead of a conventional steering gear. Also it was soooo hot you didn't want to stay outside looking through the rows and rows of cars for more than a couple of hours
Thanks for the pictures, Bob. I have been checking other forums for pics and it looks like yours are the first I have seen. Considering how relatively inexpensive it is to build a bucket, you'd think thhere would be more. I guess that's a reason they get so much attention at the events I have been to.

We're an army of some!:lol:
The inside buildings are packed with displays from nearly every supplier of streetrod parts that you could think of. Everything on display from engines and transmissions, tires, and brand new bodies for 57 Chevy convertibles,69 Camaros, Speedway had a large display featuring their new turnkey 32 roadster. Chip Foose was there signing autographs and they have some areas where the high end show winning streetrods are on display. A lot of high dollar stuff but also tons of stuff for the average guy also. There is a large flea market area outside with everthing you could imagine for sale. The cars outside are cars that people bring and drive from all over the country many cars for sale including the yellow bucket in the pics that was for sale for under $10,000 and the yellow highboy coupe that was for sale for $15,000. They have a large parade area where the cars are constantly cruising the fairgrounds. The rat rod guys were there in force with many of their cars around. I have a few other photos that are non T photos that I could post if anyone wants to see them. I had a great time looking around, but next year I will try to stay two days so I can take my time. If any of you ever have a chance to attend one of these shows try and go, it will be well worth the twelve dollars for admission.
Thanks for the images from Louisville! I wanted to drive down, but Saturday was out of the question. Yesterday, the skies here were threatening, the entire day.

The last trip I made to Louisville, it was a scorcher and we ended up getting caught in a massive thunder storm. My Dakota gets miserable mileage and I didn't want to risk that much fuel expense on a possible wash-out. :neutral:

Did you get a chance to talk to Brian or any of the other fellows from Total?
Hi Mike: Total was at Louisville with their King T kit and also a complete Turnkey car that they were selling for I believe the high 20's. I really didn't spend much time around their display because I am not a fan of their bodies, I am going to go with a Spirit or CCR body instead because I like the thicker body and I know that some people have ran into problems with the wood showing through their bodies after bonding it in. Unfortunately for me, neither Spirit or CCR had displays there.
bobj, sorry I wasn't home when you called. Hope to talk to you soon. I love my Spirit kit. You would not be disapointed if you purchased one from them. Mike finally was able to post my pictures in my gallery. There a bit small, so I need to re-post them in photobucket so Mike can resize them to the proper size.


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