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'26 roadster windshield idea


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I've been toying with the notion that perhaps a windshield frame from an MG Midget or AH Sprite might be easily modified to work on a '26/'27 roadster body. Has anyone explored this idea in the past or am I just missing the proper search args to find it? The thing is, the curve of the cowl looks similar, and the side mounts don't look impossible. The width seems a bit wide, but one would think perhaps the extra length could be removed in the middle of the top and bottom of the frame and it should come out about right. It may not look just right though??? They are made of aluminum, and there seem to be two different styles, one for the early cars without roll up windows, and a later model for the later cars that do have the roll up windows. I'm not sure which would look the best without seeing one close up... Any thoughts?


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I've looked at both the MG and the Sprite. Seemed to more work to it than building one from scratch. JMO


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