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The tinkering continues.


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I have 1274.4 since getting her running in March. My to do list is pretty much done now with the exception of the interior. Just been enjoying driving it when I can and doing the piddly stuff when I can't. Defiantly don't want it parked at an upholstery shop while we still have cruising weather. Anyway, the reason for the post. I got tired of the traditional classic header / side pipe look and decided to try something different and ordered some lakester's. My muffler guy is coming over tonight to discuss options. I.E. : cut and seal under body pipe connection off and going with internal mufflers along with the turn outs or going with block off plates instead of the turn outs and then tucking exhaust / muffler up tight under the body just outboard of the frame. Kinda like the later option so I can un-cork easily when I head out to Paradise road. :roflmao: It also puts the exhaust further behind me. Also have Jerry at CCR getting a new shorter windshield frame ready for me. Nothing drastic tho. Just 2" shorter so i'm still looking through it and not over it. Also talking to him about a top for her. Momma likes that idea but I do not. :( Putting a top on is cheaper than replacing the wife tho. :whistling:

2019-09-20 15.21.52.jpg 2019-09-20 15.20.52.jpg
Take the minivan if mama wants a roof! Personally, I prefer my cars and women topless, lol! No offense. I also considered tucking a quieter exhaust underneath with electronic or cable activated cut outs for cruising in a more peaceful capacity... not a lot of room, plus simplicity is a valued trait of these toys to me.
So I took the car out to cruise night last night (friday) uncorked. What a mistake. Nothing but exhaust fumes and a bad headache. Especially when I stood on it. Sounded cool but I got a face full of exhaust. It SUCKED!!! Admittedly I did not have the turnouts on and my car isn't running as lean as it should be but I still didn't expect it to be as bad as it was. Needless to say I parked the damn thing. It was right up there when I got the bright idea to run zoomies on the street. Sounded cool and looked cool but sure not real functional. IMO anyway. YMMV and everyone has their own taste. On the other hand, with them corked up and the under chassis / side pipe exhaust hooked up problem solved. So for me, using an internal muffler w/turn outs and under body outlet capped off isn't an option. I think the exhaust fumes would still be pretty bad. For me anyway. I know people are doing it but I can't afford to lose any more brain cells. So today (sat) I pulled them off and reinstalled the classic roadster headers for Saturday night cruising. I'll revisit the lakesters this winter w/an exhaust added but I sure won't be uncoking them which kinda sucks.

Anyone interested in a new set of lakester's?? :eek::roflmao: Momma could've had her top for what I got in these things. :thumbsdown::D
I have noticed when you go to order a top most say must have 20" windshield , keep that in mind , car is very nice looking , i went to the car show last night think i ate some love bugs along the way LOL
I'm not a very tall person Guy. Only bout 5'10" @ 190 so I can get behind a shorter windshield even w/a top on. As far as the top goes i'll just cut a couple inches out of the vertical bows to lower it. My current ws frame is 20" and I'm going to an 18". Not a huge difference but enough to give the car a little sleeker look I think. Especially w/a top on.

So you got some desert on the way home. Lol Kinda like riding a motorcycle. It's just part of the experience. I hit a big ole juicy honker on the way home myself last night. You'd of thought it was a freaking bird with as much of the windshield it covered.
I see you have short slip on's. No exhaust fume issue?

None. They are just long enough to put the exhaust into the slip steam and behind me. (Note the 45 degree angle for the turnouts which directs it down and away from me.)

PS - There are short 7" mufflers inside the turnouts.

Nice! Thank you for the explination. I think i'm just old and notice things more now. Back in day I said piss on it a lot, let's rock. I have become my dad. LOL
Here's a muffler that slips into the lakester header. Would really like to try them with under chassis port blocked off and turn out clocked down & out. Worried I wouldn't be able to get them back out if I didn't like it. Suppose I could use a dent puller / slide hammer if need be. Wonder if the internal muffler could be used for the under chassis pipes as well? Then all that would be required is some 2 1/2" pipes run under the body w/no muffler. Of course it would be pointless to uncork them doing it that way.

Does anyone have experience with lakester's or limefire headers? I have never used them before and would appreciate some pointers. 2019-09-22 21.49.02.jpg
Spent some time with a buddy of mine at the muffler shop yesterday. So I threw the lakesters back on and bent some pieces up. It was an itch I just had to scratch but didn't want to put a ton of time or money in to. End result was a very nice sounding exhaust but kinda looks like it belongs on a tractor. Color kinda makes it stick out like a sore thumb I think? Would probably look better if it was all tigged, no joints & ahc coated or even black but it was quick & free. Still kinda want to try internal mufflers w/turn outs & lower exhaust block off plates.

Now that i have my seat pitch & height finalized its time to start on the interior. Work in progress at this point.2019-10-03 14.16.31.jpg 2019-10-03 14.17.09.jpg
I like the full length headers better myself, but I'm more performance oriented than most.

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